Sandra Gibb LMP MMP CHt
Massage Therapeutic/ Medical, coaching, Reiki, Hypnotherapy


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.


Sandra Gibb has magic hands.  My son who works in construction hurt his back.  As he lay groaning on the couch, I made an appointment for him to get a massage from Sandra. She worked on him for an hour and he came home feeling just great.  He got up the next morning and went to work with no pain.  I'd say that's magic.
I went to Sandra for a foot massage that was just so relaxing.  My feet tend to bother me when I have stress and Sandra was the cure, not only did my feet stop hurting, but I felt less stress.  Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference.
Thank you Sandra
Mary O.
I highly recommend Sandra Gibb for massage services.  She is professional and always on time.  She has training and certifications in many types of massage and continues to learn.  I've received a couple different types of massage from her, and every time I feel more relaxed, more alive and less pain and restriction. She is very intuitive about what your body needs.  Getting massage from her has enhanced my well being and helped me to increase my workouts without added pain.  I totally trust her to work on my body.
Kathy B. 
I was feeling pain on my neck and back so I went to see Sandra.  Before the massage, Sandra asked me about what pains and aches I was experiencing, then she went to work on my problems.  As a knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist, Sandra treated my body as a whole.  And the result?  I had one of the best massages ever, and I felt so good and so relaxed.  I'm here to tell you Sandra is a pro, she knows the muscles and she can get her hands in there to loosen up tight muscles.  She was able to loosen up some of my trouble areas that other therapists have given up on, and it was never painful!
I will be going back to Sandra again.  Without hesitation I will recommend her to anyone.
Wen T.
I have been going to Sandra every week for almost four years.  She has amazing hands and can sense your energy to give you the best massage experience possible.
- Stella C.
Sandra is a rare individual who can really "feel your pain".  Many of the times I have been in for a massage wondering why I was even there but before I left I understood there were hidden pains that I was unaware of and Sandra not only showed me where the problems were but gave very specific guidance on how I could help correct the problem myself.  Sandra is a massage therapist who has a definite gift that is more than just massage:  hypnotherapy is just one of her methods of teaching total relaxation.  For a gentle relaxation, I recommend the hot rock massage.  We have given this as gifts to friends from 50 to 85 years old and they have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thanks Sandra!
- Bob S.
Benefits of Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy
I am happy to say that the benefits of hypnotherapy are tremendous.  The "ownership" of how deep I go was very important to me.  Also, the trust of the therapist was instrumental.  It allowed me to look at myself as I am and make necessary decisions that I needed to improve my life style.  It enables me to understand how my mind affects my body.
Massage therapy helps also in different areas.  I discover not only where the known muscles that hurt are but also the interaction between other area and muscle groups that impact the sore and tight areas.  This allows me to get a total muscle experience and understand my body more fully.  It helps me live my life better.
When you combine the two, the benefits are astounding.  Body and mind are joined in a much fuller understanding of the entire aspect of massage therapy.  Your mind and the decisions you make impact the body and how it reacts to stimulus.  You understand how the activities you participate in affect your body and, to some extent, your mind as well.  The life process is fuller with the combination of hypnotherapy and massage therapy - more so than either by themselves.  You become familiar with the whole picture rather than just a part.
I hope I have stated this in a manner that is understandable.  I will say that the two together work very well and for me I am a better person because of having both sessions.
R. Stephens 
"Sandra Gibb is a very intuitive Massage Therapist who I have come to rely on over the past few years.  I've always been interested in Hypnotherapy but was hesitant to try it.  The trust that I gained for Sandra after seeing her for regular Medical Massage appointments enabled me to feel comfortable enough to try Hypnotherapy.  My first experience was pleasant and I felt that my Medical Massage afterwards was enhanced due to my more relaxed state.  I feel that Hypnotherapy coupled with massage can be powerful when used side by side.  I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone!  She is an attentive and gifted professional who is excellent at what she does!"